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The Sweet Escape

The Sweet Escape Resort Beach Fales are lockable screened "Fales" and is located in Faleu Village on the island of Manono. The Sweet Escape Resort is the perfect place to refresh or simply just enjoy the peace and quiet surroundings.


Day Trip to Nuulopa Island: This uninhabited island is located off the western side of Manono Island and is sometimes used by tour companies for day trips and picnics. There is great snorkeling off the beach or just sit back and relax and take in the beautiful surroundings.


Traditional Canoe Experience (Paopao): Paopao are used for fishing and food gathering around the edges of lagoons and estuaries, and for travelling short distances between coastal villages. Most are small in size and carry only one or two people. They are light and easy to carry to the water or stow away on shore. Assistance is available if requested and assistance to paddles can also be offered.


Snorkeling is available and you may need to bring your own snorkels

Day Trip to Apolima: Apolima (5 km²) is located within the Apolima Strait between Upolu (8 km to the southeast) and Savaii (9 km to the northwest), lying 1 km outside Upolu's fringing coral reef. The nearest island to Apolima is that of Manono — 2 km to the southeast. The island comprises a steep-sided, collapsed, volcanic tuff cone; a breach on the northern wall creates a small bay leading into the flat caldera floor where a small village is located. The outer slopes of the island are generally devoid of vegetation and are actively eroding into the sea. Boat access is tricky and there is no organized accommodation on island.

Fishing is also available: Experience how Samoans collect fish using fishing net or you may simply enjoy throwing a rod over the rocks.

Cultural Experience Can Also be Arranged:
Experience the real Fa'a Samoa. Traditional Fiafia nights are one of the great cultural experiences of Samoa. These are performed by local dancers in traditional Samoan styled costumes.
The dance recalls stories from the past, from farewells to loved ones, to great fishing expeditions and war campaigns.


Ava Ceremony

An 'Ava ceremony is conducted to welcome guests onto the Island. 'Ava, also known as Kava, is a traditional drink for all ceremonial occasions across the South Pacific. Extracted from the roots of a Pepper tree family and mixed with water.

Preparing Coconut Cream & Process of preparing a tradition Samoan UMU.
Enjoy the experience of preparing the coconut cream Samoan Style.

All these activities are readily available for all our guests!


Property Amenities
  • Boat transfers
  • Fishing
  • Canoeing
  • Shared Facilities
  • Dinning Area
  • Room Amenities
  • Balcony
  • Stand Fan
  • Chairs
  • Table

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