Canopy Walkway

The highlight of the low-lying tropical Falealupo Rainforest Reserve in the northwest of the island is a treetop canopy walkway built about 40 metres above the ground amongst giant Banyan tree. The walkway itself is a tad on the wonky side but well worth crossing.


The Canopy Walkway in particular, is part of the Falealupo Rainforest Preserve and remains one of the must-do activities for visitors exploring Savaii. Here, visitors climb a hanging bridge crossing a 30 meter gap between two big tropical trees.. Passing over the canopy across a hanging bridge is a memorable experience and a challenge for those trying to overcome their fear of heights.

Visitors to the Falealupo sites pay the entrance fee here at the Canopy Walkway where the Information Centre is also located, and can present the receipt for admission to the other sites which include Moso’s Footprint and the House of Rock.