Part of the National Park, is a spectacular cliff top Coastal Walk amongst the Pandanus trees, which will bring you to an open lava field. A great place for spotting sea life and birds with views of sea arches and interesting lava rock formations. About 1hr return walk from the car park or 2.5hr return walk from the main road.


The Coastal Walk is part of the O Le Pupu Pu'e National Park which is managed by the Environment and Conservation unit of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. From the car park the first view-point takes about 3-minute, and there you waves crashing against the cliffs. The walk then takes you through the magnificent Pandanus forest.

While in the Pandanus forest, you can see two small islands and at the end of the Coastal walk lies a huge lava field from which you can see Nu'usafe'e, Nu'utele and the islands around Aleipata.

The Coastal Walk is relatively easy and should take about an hour for a regular hiker. The trail is on lava rocks and sturdy walking shoes are recommmended.