Coffeebean Cafe

The Coffee Bean Cafe was established in 2009 with a push for great coffee. This bustling cafe is best known for its tasty blended coffees, delicious menu, and great customer service.


Take a stroll down the street and you’ll find Samoa’s famous Seawall where you will discover many of Samoa’s great landmarks. To this day, Coffeebean Cafe upholds the standards of high quality coffee and shares it tasty goodness to all of Samoa.

Coffeebean’s main menu is the talk of the town. Our freshly cooked Eggs Benedict, Eggs on Toast, and our Toasted Sandwiches are just some of the meals that everyone craves for. We serve breakfast and lunch all day for those hungry to be fed quality gourmet food.

Due to its high demands, Coffee Bean extended it franchise to two more cafes known today as Bean Central and Bean Headquarters which are both located in Apia, Samoa.

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