Swimming with Turtles

Swimming with Turtles is located in the village of Sato’alepai. It is one of the most common sites visited by tourists in Savaii. Swimming with Turtles is a family project that has developed over the years and still is well kept and maintained. There are also budget units with shared facilities on site and is available for $60.00 per head including breakfast and dinner. Most of the accommodation properties in Savaii use this site as part of their Island Tour package. Visitors can swim with the turtles and pond is not deep. Children are to be supervised by parents/ guardians when swimming.


This two type development is one of the unique settings that portray a conservation of turtles in a wide spacious water pool/site, uncommonly found and originated in comparison to other attraction sites.

Owned and operated by the Matai'a family is the beautiful unique setting surrounding. Furthermore, affordable overnight accommodation with meals is available for visitors who prefer to spend the night. An entrance fee is also charged.