Alo Paopao Festival

25 August - Upolu

Paddle in Samoan is 'Alo' The 'outrigger canoe' is commonly referred to as a 'Paopao', the literal translation being, (traditional)'paddle canoe'. Our friendly Pacific neighbours would otherwise refer to a Paopao as a Waka, Va'a or Vaka.


Samoa presents the Alo Paopao Festival.

A vibrant, inclusive and fun celebration of outrigging regattas, music and arts.

Alo Paopao is in its 6th year of celebrations.
Every year the festival gets bigger and better!

Join us on this incredible journey of culture, fun, and sun.

Whether you're a keen paddler looking for some serious competition, or a happy time paddler looking for some serious fun, this is the event for you!

The Alo Paopao International Regatta is a Festival to celebrate the Culture of Paopao(outrigger or Va’a) and to give respect to the Ocean that connects us.

Samoa is known for its long standing deeply traditional way of life. This Festival pays homage to our People and our Customs in a big way, by immersing our participants in celebrations of competitive outrigging, we bring light to the humble beginnings of the alo paopao.

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