Le Aito Samoa

2 September - Upolu

Choo Hoo!!! Alo Paopao is excited to announce the 2nd annual Le Aito Samoa, in conection with Aito Tahiti. Stay tuned for more about Samoa's Biggest Annual V1(1man) Race.


Aito is the ultimate V1 (rudderless 1 man outrigger) race in the world!

Held every year in Tahiti, this race hosts the best of the best from all around the world! This is a race of determination, skill, passion and pride of the Islands. One man against nature on a Va’a over a distance of 24km.  In Tahiti this race has grown from 80 paddlers to over 600 paddlers in mens division alone!

Countries like New Zealand, Cook Islands, Australia and Italy with the permission of Aito Tahiti are host their own Aito to pick their best paddler to complete in Tahiti. Samoa has successfully negotiated and joins the list of nations hosting this premier race.

This means great things for Paddling in Samoa.  Connecting with Tahiti, the potential of Champion Paddlers attending a race event in Samoa… is now possible!! This will draw some of the best paddlers and passionate paddlers from all over the world to race them. This not only brings talent and experience to Samoa but visitors to our country which will contribute to the economy.

Not only are we looking forward to our first race this year but we are excited about the opportunities this event brings with it.

Photo credit - www.vaaworld.com