Sheraton Kids Camp - September Holidays

24 September - Upolu

Young people, you will want to be a part of this. Parents, you will want your child(ren) to go to the first Sheraton Kids Camp.


The the big question for kids is, What to do? How to have a whole lot of fun this Easter and School holidays.

This is where we come in this Easter. Starting on Friday morning and in partnership with Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey's Resort Samoa Events will answer the Big question.

At our Kids Camp, children will have a lot of cool clean supervised fun. They will create a lot of that fun through engagement and active engagement with the Easter & Samoan environment (Culture). Campers will learn the core value of Easter which is Charity - doing something for others beyond themselves. More, campers will face an individual challenge particular to their strengths (Challenge). The 3 CCCs will form the basis of this first Kids Easter Camp at Sheraton Resort in Mulifanua.