17 December, 2008     

Police Christmas Concert

It wasn’t exactly Christmas in the Park, but it was a performance fit for such an occasion.

Combining forces between the Samoa Police Band and Opeloge Ah Sam proved to be a merry event in the sweltering sun on Wednesday 17th December 08.  Playing to a media audience only in front of the FMFM II Government Building in the middle of an extra scorching afternoon didn’t affect the jolly mood the performers were in.

This Christmas concert is a prelude to the sort of concert performances the Police Band and Opeloge Ah Sam will be showcasing on behalf of Samoa on their upcoming tour of New Zealand and Australia in April-May 2009.  

 The Samoa Police Band is certainly one of the spectacular images for which Samoa has become known for.  Through the upcoming tour, the Samoa Tourism Authority in collaboration with the Ministry of Police are hoping to further portray this Samoan icon to the rest of world, by taking this entertaining reflection of Samoa to the potential tourists. 

The three week tour next year will include opportunities to perform in various cities with different orchestras such as the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.