20 July, 2016

Beautiful Samoa remains a safe and peaceful destination

In light of recent reports regarding the the attack on two Australian visitors in 2015, the Samoa Tourism Authority expresses its support to Angie Jackson and Tommy Williams and wish them comfort and closure.

There is simply no excuse for the appalling crime.

The accused has pleaded guilty to the related charges and will be sentenced on 22nd July.

Major changes have been implemented and continue to be implemented to improve the current systems and ensure the safety of locals and guests to Samoa.

The Hon. Sala Fata Pinati, who is the Minister of Police, has been appointed the new Minister of Tourism and he has pledged to ensure that the two key agencies work closely together to further the Safe Samoa Campaign.

The local economy relies heavily on tourism, with the livelihood of many people and communities depending on it.

Samoa continues to be a safe and peaceful destination and many who have experienced our beautiful country will know that the crime committed is a rarity.