16 November, 2016

Directors of Disney's Moana Visit Samoa for Inspiration

Directors of Disney’s newest hit, Moana, visited the islands of Samoa as part of their research for their newest blockbuster.

Starring Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, it tells the story of an adventurous teenager who sets out on a journey across the South Pacific seas on a daring mission to save her people.

Her adventures takes her through the islands of Polynesia and Melanesia, encountering the people that inhabit the region as well as battling mythical monsters as well as the elements.

It is a tribute to the South Pacific’s way finding tradition, traversing the length and breadth of the Pacific, discovering and populating the many islands of the Oceania region.

When doing their research, producers and directors visited the birthplace of Polynesia, Samoa, and immersed themselves in the 3,000 year old living culture that is Fa’a Samoa.

“It is time that the world experiences the richness of our culture and we are proud to have been part of contributing to this important movement as expressed on the magical platform that is Disney,” says Sonja Hunter, CEO of Samoa Tourism Authority.

“The Fa’a Samoa culture is regarded by many as the purest and most unaffected of the Polynesian cultures, kept alive today by our people. It is the foundation of Polynesia itself, and we are confident that this will translate in the movie and we will now be able to share the beautiful culture and tradition of our people with the rest of the world.”


Photo credit - 'Moana' Facebook Page