30 July, 2010


Today marks the final day of the joint efforts by a group of New Zealand veterinarians brought in Animal Protection Society to assist their attempts in collaboration with the Samoa Tourism Authority to control the problem of stray dogs.

The vets together with the help of STA’s team and members of the Police Force spent the whole month of July capturing and putting down stray dogs and de-sexing and providing medical attention to family cats and dogs.

This vigilant team of workers carried out clinics and dog capturing throughout the town area from Vaiala to Mulinuu (05-09 July 2010); in Tufuiopa to Fagalii (12-16 July) and Maagiagi and Lalomanu, Aleipata from the 19-23 July.  The team then headed to Savaii this week to carry out the same program.

The specialist team also held popular animal desexing clinics in the said villages allowing pet owners the opportunity to bring in their pet dogs and cats to be sterilized free of charge.