15 July, 2010

Misa Wants Visitors to Pick Samoa First

Tourism Minister, Honourable Misa Telefoni wants visitors to pick Samoa as their first choice.
Not because of problems in Fiji.

“Samoa’s marketing is focussed highlighting Samoa’s natural beauty, our unspoilt culture, and the generous and welcoming spirit of our people,” said Misa Telefoni. “Our product is unique,” said Misa.  “We prefer our visitors choose Samoa because they really desire to experience our unique beauty, ambience, environment and culture - not because of our neighbours’ problems or expensive charges!” he said.

“Great new properties have opened up lately, such as Tanoa Tusitala, Moanalisa Hotel and others - and our properties and services are improving all the time.”

Misa’s comments came after a New Zealand Herald story in the weekend.  It warned Samoa and Cook Islands could benefit because of overcharging of visitors and lack of spending on infrastructure in Fiji.

In the meantime coups have not removed Fiji as the favourite island escape of Aussies and Kiwis, the newspaper said.

Source: Samoa Obserever