24 November, 2009

New Zealand NZ$4 Million for Tsunami Affected Tourist Properties

During recent Joint Ministerial Consultation (JMC) between Samoa and New Zealand Governments, New Zealand made known its assistance to the tsunami affected tourism properties.

At the JMC on 06th November 09, New Zealand revealed their assistance of NZ$4 Million for the development of the tourist resorts that have been damaged by the tsunami.

The utilisation of these funds for the said development will be determined by Cabinet upon recommendation from an independent Consulting Firm, KVA Consult Ltd.  KVA Consult Ltd recently completed a Cabinet approved Rapid Assessment of the Impact of theTsunami on the Tourism Sector and has since passed on its findings and recommendations to Cabinet.

New Zealand also informed Samoa of its NZ$1 Million assistance to sustain the Air New Zealand flights to Los Angeles from Apia.