11 February, 2010

Recovering Samoa opens door to TIDES delegates

Samoa started welcoming more than 150 delegates over the weekend for the inaugural Tourism Investment for the Development of Enterprise and Sustainability (TIDES) conference.
TIDES, organised by The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), was originally scheduled to take place on 25-28 November 2009. However, the recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami suffered by the Pacific island postponed the conference to 17-19 February 2009.

The conference will feature a host of expert presenters who specialise in a variety of tourism and related industries, with its keynote speaker confirmed to be DestiCorp CEO Anna Pollock.

Presenters will focus on the importance of tourism as an economic and social enabler and stress the need to find solutions to the many obstacles which currently stifle tourism growth in the region.  

Delegates will use the conference as a platform to network with international and regional business and financial organisations and explore business and partnership opportunities
"We expect this conference will help raise awareness of the Pacific region's tourism potential," said Chris Flynn, Regional Director Pacific of PATA.

"It will also allow attendees to develop or strengthen international partnerships and help them define the industry's direction, as it emerges from the Global Financial Crisis."

TIDES is sponsored by Pro€Invest of the European Commission as part of the EU's African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP).

Source: www.etbmice.com