02 April, 2012

Samoa a big climber in the House of Travel Top 10 for Travelling with Children

With school holidays just around the corner, House of Travel has released its Top 10 Destinations for Travelling with Children for 2012.

The spots, in general, are dominated by tried and true favourites. But it is the growth in some of these destinations that has surprised commentators within the group.

Samoa is the final big climber in the Top 10 for travelling with Children. Ever improving accommodation options are making Samoa an increasingly attractive alternative to Fiji.  Samoa has seen significant increase in bookings via the House of Travel group. “We can only see Samoa improving as a popular holiday destination, as new room and air capacity comes online,” comments Ms White.

“Every parent wants to maximise those 20 special days off with their family and create memories that they will cherish for a life time. With promoting all family destinations, it is about keeping the 4 S’s in mind – Sun, Sand, Shopping and Sightseeing.”

House of Travel’s Top 10 Destinations for Travelling with Kids, 2012:
1- Queensland, Australia
2- Fiji
3- United Kingdom
4- United States
5- Cook Islands
6- New South Wales, Australia
7- Samoa
8- Thailand
9- Victoria, Australia
10- France

Source: House of Travel