18 June, 2010

Samoa makes Pacific Pulse News...AGAIN!!

The Samoa team at the 2010 Expo Shanghai China has had a lot of help from Pacific Pulse in helping to promote the great job the team is doing for Samoa at the Expo to the outside world.

The Pacific Pulse is the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) Online News Circular. It has extensively featured the Samoa Team and Booth in its Expo News.
This week's issue gives a brief look at the members that make up the Private Sector part of the combined Samoa Team.

Following is the excerpt from Pacific Pulse for this week:

Taking a Break
Private sector representatives of the popular Samoa booth Patricia Kolhase and Litia Hudspeth take a coffee break in front of the Pacific Pavilion during their shift. Samoa's honey has become popular with the visitors to the Pavilion as well as the coconut soap and oil. The ladies are monitoring sales at the Pavilion of retail items from Samoa and advising the business sector back home of that best to send to China for sale at the Pacific  Pavilion.