09 July, 2010

STA lends green fingers to tsunami affected villages

The Samoa Tourism Authority is happily getting its hands dirty to help clean up some of the tsunami affected villages.

Through a joint project with the United Nations Development Program, the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development and the villagers from the targeted villages, STA in the form of its National Beautification Committee team, have made great progress in dressing up the landscape of Mutiatele, Aleipata, one of the villages affected by the tsunami last year.

The village’s roadside yards that were was once barren and stripped of beauty now boast of vibrant and colorful gardens after a strenuous 9 day makeover transformation that was led by NBC’s own garden expert, Su’a Frieda Paul and the energetically physical assistance from STA’s Beautification team.

Today marks the end of the Mutiatele segment of the Project.  From here, the green fingered team will move on to make the same transformation in Malaela.

These efforts are made possible under the UNDP and Government funded Early Recovery Project which aims to provide recovery and long-term development support for communities in line with its priorities now and for the future.