03 October, 2009


In light of recent events, Samoa Tourism Authority’s restorative approach for the next few weeks is as follows:


1.        Assist : STA’s primary focus since the Earthquake and Tsunami struck on Tuesday 29th September 2009, is the ongoing first hand assistance and support for those affected through –

§  locating, identifying and evacuating the displaced/injured/missing/deceased

§  providing basic supplies (food/clothing/toiletries) for the displaced/injured

§  an in-house Tsunami Donation Collection which will be distributed to those in the affected areas on Tuesday 06th October 2009

§  assessing and discussing the situation with affected Property owners


2.        Clean up : Starting next week, Monday 05th October 2009, the National Beautification Committee (NBC) and STA will begin its clean-up efforts around the affected areas and properties, in accordance with Police guidelines.


3.        Reactivate & Rebuild: From Monday 12th October 2009, destination marketing initiatives will recommence.  STA’s tourism campaigns have currently been withdrawn in consideration of the situation at hand.  STA with assistance from international tourism organizations as well as the foreign travel media and marketing agencies, will intensify its promotional strategies upon resumption.


STA will continue to implement necessary plans of action that will assist not only the tourism sector but also the country as a whole in its endeavors to overcome this incident.