18 June, 2010

STA's New Australia Market Representative Brings Home Its Message

Samoa Tourism Authority's new Australia Market Representative, AdPar Avion of Sydney has truly brought home their dedication to boost Australian tourism travel to Samoa, by literally...bringing it home.

Reprpesentatives from the newly appointed Market Representative agency flew to Samoa this week to present to the local tourism industry how the Samoa Tourism Authority will 'go all out' to bring the Austalian Tourists to Samoa's sandy shores.

With a 'FaaSAMOA, it's our way' approach, STA Australia encourages teamwork with the local industry to achieve the strategies it will put in place.

Michael Riddington from the STA Australia team puts it simply: "we are going to make people want to come to (to Samoa) because it stands for something more."

Awareness is the key and STA believes that the more that people are aware of the destinaton and is the key features, the more those people will make informed decisions to visit Samoa.

With the combined ability to offer expert advice on destination representation, pitch competitive sales and marketing, inform media and maintain good public relations, provide research and creative development, the team is confident it will be able to reach if not exceed its self set target in increasing Australia's outbound tourism to Samoa.

Michael Riddington (Trade & Marketing), Adele Leathan (Trade & Marketing) and Peter Sereno (PR/Media/Events & Meetings) from the STA Australia team were in Apia as part of the Authority's plans to ultimately to take Samoa's destination marketing efforts in Australia to the next level.