20 April, 2011

Surfing Samoa

If you are looking for an exotic surfing destination, Samoa should be it. With some of the most beautiful and stunning islandscapes in the world, Samoa can easily be defined as “Paradise on Earth”.

It is located in the South Pacific Ocean, half way between New Zealand and Hawaii, with its two main islands representing 99% of the territory: Upolu and Savaii.

This country can offer world-class reef breaks for those surfers wanting to wear their boardies in uncrowded line-ups. Beyond the boat trips provided by the resorts, there are plenty of empty waves around waiting for the adventurous who can rent a car and go for a patrol. Seriously, you can score the barrels of your life for just you and your mates!

Samoa is cheaper than most of its Polynesian neighbours and it is also a place where you can take your girlfriend. She will be waiting for you on pristine white sandy beaches and, believe me mate, she won’t complain!

The only cons in Samoa are the tides; you can’t surf in low tides! The waves get super hollow and shallow, making surfing extremely dangerous unless you have the skills of a Pro.

So if you are planning your next surftrip and you want to avoid the crowds, Samoa is waiting for you.

    * Best time to go: May to October
    * How many days: 10 days
    * Budget: AUD 1500 (including airfare)
    * Surfing Level: Intermediate to Pro
    * Best Conditions: All South swells with a combination of Northern winds.
    * Main Breaks: Coconuts, Boulders, Aganoa, Solos, Salani, Pebbles.

Posted by Lucas in Surf Places - Surfd.com Surfing Magazine