13 August, 2010

Teuila Festival 2010 Registrations to Close

Participation in the upcoming Festival’s Cultural Events and Variety Show are still open to the interested public, however time is running out to register.

Registrations for involvement in this year’s Teuila Festival 2010 will close on Monday 16th August 2010 at 4pm.

The upcoming 19th Annual Teuila Festival 2010 boasts many of the same categories that have made it popular to tourists and locals alike in the past years, such as the Traditional Songs and Taupou & Aiuli Competitions; the Mauluulu and Faataupati Competitions; the Folafolaava & Sulatoga Competitions; the Carving Competition and Expressive Arts Display; Traditional and Fun games; as well as the Ailao Competition in the Junior & Senior Categories.  Another popular aspect of the Teuila 2010  that will be highlighted is the Variety Show which will take place on Wednesday 08th and Thursday 09th of the Teuila week.

An appealing addition to this year’s festivities will be the ‘Wellness to Beauty’ Fitness program that will be administered by the Ministry of Health throughout this exciting week.  Other activities will also take place in conjunction with the Teuila Festival 2010 week and is supposed to add to the excitement of the week that is not so far ahead now.

The Teuila Festival will run from 05-10th Sept 2010