02 February, 2009

Third Cruise in less than Three Weeks

In less than three weeks, three cruise ships have visited our shores and more cruises are set to follow throughout the year.

The first two vessels ‘The Spirit of Oceanus’ and the MS Europa have been and gone and the third vessel is the MS Amadea which docked at the Port of Apia today.

 The MS Amadea is on a 110 day tour around the world.  The cruise which originated from Germany before Christmas, has taken its passengers through the Caribbean, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesian Islands including Tahiti, Bora Bora, Raiatea, and American Samoa before making its 12 hour stopover in Samoa from 7am this morning to 6.00pm.  From here, the cruise continues on to Tonga, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Emirates, via Suez and then back to Europe.

The seven passenger deck vessel with 308 cabins is currently home to 541 passengers, and 300 crew members.  The majority of the passengers are German, with a few groups of Swiss, Dutch and Austrian travelers.

Source: STA

Image: STA

Caption: MS Amadea docked at Apia Wharf