27 July, 2011

Time Zone Change Details Confirmed

The Samoa Tourism Authority advises that the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour has confirmed details regarding the time zone change which will happen towards the end of December this year

According to the release , 'The International Date Line Act 2011 commences at 12 o’clock midnight, on Thursday 29th December 2011'.  This means that after midnight on 29 December, it will be 31 December with Samoa time moving an hour ahead of New Zealand and three ahead of Australia.

The Ministry further advised that Samoa Standard Time will be +13 hours of UTC and Samoa Daylight Saving Time will be +14 hours of UTC.

For more information, please contact:

Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour
Level 4, ACC House
Apia, Samoa
Telephone: +685 20441
Facsimile: +685 20443
Email: mpal@mcil.gov.ws