24 January, 2012

Unleash your Primal Power Island Style!

Power up your team and let your vision become our mission!

NO FUSS Fitness Retreats - Samoa for the 'THINKING" Corporate who wishes to REWARD & REVITALISE EMPLOYEES.

NO FUSS Fitness Retreats - Samoa are designed to take people away from the modern day noise and deliver them back into the REAL world where the basics of human survival are fundamental to re-balance, re-set and refocus both body and mind.

Spend 5-7 days KEEPING IT REAL in Samoa developing and extending your employees. The NO FUSS Fitness Retreats - Samoa are custom built, health, fitness & vitality programs designed to educate, empower and inspire employees to overcome mental and physical challenges developing their 'WARRIOR WITHIN'.

All No Fuss Fitness programs and concepts are created & designed by New Zealand's top celebrity trainer Lee-Anne Wann; Sustainable Change Health Practitioner, TV Presenter, Author and Fitness Specialist.

For more information, go to www.lee-annewann.com.