Samoan Language

Talofa! You'll be hearing that many times when you visit Samoa. Learn some other basic words in Samoan.

The national language of Samoa is Samoan, although English is used for business communications. English is widely spoken, especially in Apia, but it's always helpful to know a few words of the local language.

Samoan language courses are available in New Zealand and Australia, and there are even smart phone apps offering an introduction to the Samoan language.

The following Samoan phrases will probably be useful during your stay in Samoa. By adding a few Samoan words to your conversations, you will be sure to win smiles from the locals.

English Samoan Pronunciation
Hello Talofa Tah-lo-far
Goodbye Tofa Toh-far
Thank you Fa'afetai Fa-ah-feh-tie
Please Fa'amolemole    Fa-ah-moh-le-moh-le
Yes Ioe Ee-oh-e
No Leai Le-ai
Maybe Masalo    Ma-sa-loh
That's all right 'Ua lelei    Oo-a-lelay
big / small    tele / la'ititi teh-leh / lah ee-tee-tee
quick / slow tope / gese toh-peh / nge-seh
early / late vave / tuai vahveh / two-eye
near / far latalata / mamao lah-tah-lah-tah / mah-maow



1 = tasi

2 = lua

3 = tolu

4 = fa

5 = lima

6 = ono

7 = fitu

8 = valu

9 = iva

10 = sefulu

20 = lua sefulu

50 = lima sefulu

100 = selau

1000 = afe