Swimming with Turtles in Samoa

Turtles are regular visitors to Samoa’s warm waters and you can share an amazing experience by swimming with them.

Many tours of Savai'i might stop at the wetlands sanctuary at Satoalepai village and allow guests to paddle with half a dozen or more green turtles.

These majestic ancient creatures were endangered after being hunted for years and years, until the people of Satoalepai made it their business to help give the turtles a new home. The turtles swim in a part-fresh, part-salt water pool and, once they’ve grown, are released back into the ocean.

Did you know that these gentle giants can reach a weight of up to 185kg? No matter how large they are, remember to act respectfully and don't try to lift them or ride on them.

The most enjoyable way to encounter turtles is in their natural habitat. If you’d rather swim with green turtles in their coral-adorned watery habitat, the ideal place to do just that is in the ocean around Namu'a Island, near Lalomanu Beach, just off the southeastern coast of Upolu.

Turtles like to feed in the early morning and early evening, so take your snorkelling gear out to near the coral edge of the reef and see if you can spot some turtle friends.