Weather in Samoa

Average temperature & climate in Samoa

Samoa's weather is warm and tropical all year round, with two distinct seasons – the dry season running from May to October and the wet season from November to April.

Samoa's climate is hot and humid with an average daily temperature of 29 degrees Celsius and ocean temperature in the low 20s. In the eastern and south-eastern parts of Samoa, trade winds will year-round bring cooling breezes late afternoon and early evening.

Weather in Samoa


Lightweight summer clothing is appropriate for year round wear, cooler evenings could require a light cotton sweater. Smart casual evening-wear is appropriate for hotels and restaurants in Samoa.

The most popular time of year to visit Samoa is during the dry season, but if you visit during the wet season, a light raincoat is definitely an essential item of clothing.

Visitors to Samoa are requested not to wear bathing suits in Apia or in the villages. Nude or topless (for women) swimming or sunbathing is discouraged a as it is against Samoa's cultural protocol. If women attend church, they are recommended to wear a lavalava (sarong) or dress, rather than shorts or trousers.

No matter where you go, be prepared for high temperatures and humidity. Many Samoans will carry handmade fans with them – a lavalava, some jandals and a fan are possibly the most useful souvenirs to buy during your time in Samoa!