Beach Fale Accommodation in Samoa

Talofa lava! Welcome to the beautiful world of Samoan beach fales.

There has never been a better time to discover why Samoa was recently voted Best Value Destination in the South Pacific. Beach fales truly are one of the South Pacifics last hidden gems. Usually located right alongside the beach and tropical lagoon, these traditionally constructed fales offer an experience unlike any other.

During the day fales are open-air, allowing a cooling sea breeze and offering uninterupted views of the beach and lagoon beyond. But you never lack for comfort, as all fales provide a comfortable mattress and mosqito net, and if you prefer you can close the walls by dropping a woven curtain down.

There is something very special about falling asleep to the sound of a lapping lagoon, and waking to what can only be described as heaven on earth! Beach Fale prices start at only 70 Tala per person per day (and this usually includes a delicious tropical breakfast and dinner. There is simply no better value than this! Many fales can be booked online on our site.

There is also a broad selection of fale to choose from. Deluxe fales also offer air-conditioning and fixed walls, should you prefer. Take the opportunity to really feel at one with nature and be a part of real Samoan village life on your next Samoan holiday!

Tailua Beach Fales
Island: SAVAII
Tailua Beach Fales welcomes all walks of life looking to indulge in simple relaxation while enjoying pure yet simple Samoan Hospitality.

$90 per night (WST)
Taufua Beach Fales
Island: UPOLU
Taufua Beach Fales is located on world famous Lalomanu beach, regularly voted in the top 5 "Best Beaches" in the Pacific.
Anita's Beach Bungalows
Island: UPOLU
Anita's Beach Bungalows is an intimate place where you can relax and soak in the sun and beauty of Lalomanu beach.
Matareva Beach Fales
Island: UPOLU
A slice of paradise where you can relax on our white sandy beach and snorkel in our marine protected area out front.

Vaiula Beach Fales
Island: UPOLU
Vaiula Beach Fales is situated on absolute beach front in the village of Tafatafa on the south coast of the island of Upolu.

$70 per night (WST)
Falealupo Beach Fales
Island: SAVAII
Falealupo Beach Fales is located on the coastline of Falealupo - tai Village and only a few minutes drive to the sunset point, the most western point of Samoa a ..
Jane's Beach Fales
Island: SAVAII
A mixture of white sandy beaches and low maintenance grass shaded by the swaying coconut trees is a classic feature of this 7 year old establishment.

$70 per night (WST)
Tanu Beach Fales
Island: SAVAII
This family-run business, famous for its Samoan flair, is just the place to enjoy the simple pleasures of life - not to mention the fact that it is located on o ..
Moegaamanaia Beach Fales
Island: UPOLU
Welcome to Moegaamanaia Beach Fales, come find out why many courting groups of the past visited this beautiful amazing place.
Namu`a Island Beach Fales
Island: UPOLU
Namu'a Island Beach Fales is the perfect getaway for those looking for a peaceful and private location.

Vacations Beach Fales
Island: SAVAII
Vacations Beach Fales is a family owned business located in the village of Manase in Savai'i.

Manusina Beach Fales
Island: UPOLU
Talofa and welcome! Manusina Beach Fales is one of the Finest sandy beaches in Samoa.

Faofao Beach Fales
Island: UPOLU
For an intimate and personal encounter of Samoan culture, with Fia Fia Nights every Saturday, Fire Dancing and traditional Umu’s on Sundays try Faofao.

Regina's Beach Fales
Island: SAVAII
Along the beautiful and white sandy beaches of Manase, Savai'i is the Regina Beach Fales.

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