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MY BEAUTIFUL SAMOA. Let me show you my Island I am a local Chef who would love to share the beauty of Samoa with you. I have a passion for food and believe we have some of the best and most tasty local produce the world has to offer. We also have some of the most stunning sites and landscape to see and with both of these combined, you are in store for one amazing experience! Photo Credit: Taz Hakoyama


Chef John Tours will offer a range of basic packages to cater for the thrifty traveler, through to a more personalised tailor made package for those who want to create something more to their own preference and interests.

As a Chef, John can offer a culinary experience on request as part of the tour.  He will be able to provide a few menu options for customers to choose from and is also happy to discuss your own preferences.

Samoa is still very untouched and unlike some other islands in the South Pacific it is very easy to get around and there is so much to discover.  It boasts of beautiful beaches, waterfalls and mountains that can be explored if you wish.  The locals take pride in their island and it is kept clean and tidy. 

You will also frequent road side stalls throughout your tour.  These stalls offer a range of products from fruit, veges, hot food and more and we encourage travelers to stop and check them out.  A lot of these village stall owners survive through the sale of these products so not only will you be tasting or buying something authentic you will also be helping families in need.  

Samoa also has a vibrant, kick back and modern nightlife to offer.  On request Chef John can also offer a service where he can pick you up, take you to some of the popular watering holes and drop you back to your accommodation.  That is of course before you do a Macca's run which is also popular at the end of a fun night out in Samoa.  Please note that night clubs and bars close at midnight each night.  There is nothing open on Sundays.  

For more information please refer to the website or facebook page for more information. 

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