Samoa Dive & Snorkel

A PADI 5 star Dive Resort and number 1 rated dive shop in town on TripAdvisor. Let us take you to our Samoa, we will take you out of the city, through a plantation, over the mountains to your own private beach. Dive on untouched reef and return you home relaxed and happy.


As a PADI 5 star resort, we will have an instructor on staff at all times, we can conduct all levels of Scuba certifications - From Open water Certification all the way to the professional Divemaster certification. Ask us how today.

Double Black Sand Beach Tour
A secluded beautiful beach on the south coast of Upolu, protected from the trade winds and open ocean swells. The easiest beach for you to go diving in Samoa. A diverse mixture of sea life and clear water make for an enjoyable dive for all levels of diver.
The dives start at "boulders" a 100m snorkel from the beach is required prior to a descent. The second dive is a coral shore labarinth dive, a mostly sandy bottom with rocky outcrops encrusted with coral and abundant marine life.

  • What's included: All equipment included,Transfers,Lunch,Water,Entry Fees
  • Price: WST360

Double Forgotten Bay Tour
Take a trip with us back to a time when life was simpler, get away from the city
though a rain forest, past a plantation, over a mountain to our piece of Samoa.
Be spoiled on your own beach and a private scuba guide. Walk in off your beach and descend to a dive we call “Broken Ear”, ask us face to face why. Finish your first dive, a light lunch is provided whilst you again take in the sounds of your private beach. After your surface interval, gear up for the second and a personal favourite dive; Turtle Power. Named after our favourite 80’s cartoon show  and these creatures are known to make an appearance here

  • What's included: All equipment included, Transfers, Lunch, Water, Entry Fees
  • Price: WST360

Double End of the Earth Tour
Referring to the area with no mobile phone reception and limited TV reception, come with us to the heart of a very traditional Samoa Village where the best Samoan Tanoas are hand crafted. Let us guide you through the reef break and into untouched and un-dived reef (outside our company)

  • What's included: All equipment included, Transfers, Lunch, Water, Entry Fees
  • Price: WST360

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