Surfing in Samoa

Picture the perfection of Indonesia minus the crowds, add the raw power of Hawaii without all the surfing locals, and you might be half way to an accurate estimation of the Samoan surfing experience.

Samoa's two main islands of Upolu and Savai'i offer a range of waves so diverse that every surfer will find one they want to gorge on – long-zippering walls, rippable A-frame peaks and draining barrels.

In Samoa they all break over water so clear that sometimes it’s only the feel of the buttery-warm ocean that reminds you you’re not going to fall straight through. Even the names of the breaks themselves have a certain mysterious allure – to find out what happens on waves with names like Dragon’s Breath (a hollow and powerful world-class right), Pudding Rock and Devil’s Island, you'll just have to get yourself a flight to Samoa!

Samoa has so many waves to score that if you miss them first time around you won’t be able to wait for your return trip. 

Like Indonesia, the on-going exploration is half the fun. The south shores of both islands work all year round while the North Shores are best in the northern hemisphere winter. When the pros and locals are competing for scarce waves on Hawaii’s North Shore, the same swells often find themselves reeling along many of Samoa’s reefs unridden.

For beginner surfers, the breaks are perhaps a little on the dangerous side, as many of the waves break directly onto the reef and the currents can be harsh. In fact, even savvy surfers are advised to only tackle the waves in the company of locals, as they know the rips and rocks inside and out.

On Savai'i, surfing hot spots include Lano and Ananoa Beach in the southwest, and Manase and Fagamalo in the north. On Upolu, the best places to go for a paddle are from Apia east to Cape Utumauu, and on the south coast from Matautu to Matatufu.

Both Upolu and Savai'i have several resorts catering especially for surfies’ needs and wants, including surfaris.Remember that taking on the ocean means you’re contributing to a good cause: each day in the surf, you’ll be paying a fee to the villages, to help further the young ones’ education. 

In short, Samoa may just be one of surfing’s last great undiscovered paradises.

More Information: - detailed information about the breaks. 

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Salani Surf Resort
Island: UPOLU
For travellers looking to experience the best of Samoa’s surf, heartwarming culture and natural beauty.
Aganoa Lodge
Island: SAVAII
Immerse yourself in Savai’i’s pristine natural environment.

Vaiula Beach Fales
Island: UPOLU
Vaiula Beach Fales is situated on absolute beach front in the village of Tafatafa on the south coast of the island of Upolu.

$70 per night (WST)
Manoa Tours
Island: UPOLU
Manoa Tours, based on the south coast of Upolu, specializes in surfing tours, snorkel excursions, boat trips, hiking, as well as “learn to surf” lessons.

Samoa Surf Secrets
Island: UPOLU
Samoa Surf Secrets is situated 45mins from Apia at Vaiula Beach Fales Tafatafa on the south coast of Upolu Island.

Maninoa Surf Camp
Island: UPOLU
Maninoa Surf Camp at Siumu on the South shore of Upolu next to Coconuts Beach Club is situated meters away from a beautiful, private beach with seven world clas ..

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