Samoan women teach a siva dance to visitors at the beach overlay

Samoan Dance

Traditional dance and music are central to Samoan life.

You'll find plenty of opportunities to watch, or even join in with, a dance performance.

Many resorts and hotels host weekly fiafia nights, which normally includes dancing and dinner cooked in the traditional way. Dance demonstrations can also be found at Samoa’s cultural fale in Apia.

Samoa’s beautiful dances are quite distinctive from other Polynesian cultures. The dances include:


Slow and fluid, the siva is a graceful storytelling dance that is traditionally performed by a young woman.


A fast, energetic slap dance, the fa’ataupati is performed by men wearing traditional lavalava and women wearing puletasi, a two-piece garment.

Siva Afi

Siva afi is a spectacular fire knife dance. Young boys or men twirl a large knife with burning flames at both ends around their bodies to the beat of a wooden drum. Women can also participate in Siva afi and often perform with ceremonial knives.