Other Islands

Samoa comprises of many tiny, mostly uninhabited islands that are dotted around its main populated islands.

Samoa’s other smaller islands include Apolima, Nu’utele, Nu’uala, Fanuatapu, Fatuanava, Nu’ulopa, Lepuia’i, and Nuusafee.

Landing at an uninhabited tropical island to explore, with nobody else around, is surely the stuff of dreams. In Samoa, such dreams can come true - all you need is a boat or kayak and a sense of adventure.

Here is an overview of Samoa’s beautiful but rarely seen - by outsiders anyway - islands.

Nu'ulopa Island

This tiny isle is located just off Manono Island. Nobody lives here, and it makes for a great day trip if you can find a tour, or boat, to take you there.

Known also as 'Bat Island', Nu'ulopa Island is a firm favourite for guided tours at dawn to see hundreds of flying foxes return to roost. Nu'ulopa Island is also a great snorkelling spot.

Fanuatapu Island

Like Namu'a, this island is located on the outer edge of the fringing reef of Upolu Island.

Besides a lighthouse, there is nothing manmade about this island, which makes it pretty attractive for visitors seeking a secluded tropical island.

Fanuatapu island is accessible by boat or kayak and as part of a tour. It is considered to be a very good snorkelling location with coral gardens to explore.

Nu'utele & Nu'ulua Islands

These two tiny dots of land, located outside of Upolu’s fringing reef, are an important nesting place for seabirds and considered significant conservation sites.

Nu’utele was once a leper colony. The islands are under customary ownership by chiefs on Upolu Island. Accessing them will need to be organised with a tour company, through local people, or join a fishing charter - there’s some big catches to be had around these islands.

Explore by yacht

Having a private yacht has to be the ultimate way to see Samoa’s uninhabited islands. However, private boat owners who want to cruise around Samoa’s islands independently may find that, due to shallow water and coral reefs, passages around Upolu and Savai’i are limited. 

Anchoring off Samoa’s outlying islands is possible as long as you have cleared customs in Apia, and got yourself a Cruising Permit from the Samoa Ports Authority.