Samoa International Game Fishing Tournament

14 April - Upolu

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Only teams of 2 or more registered anglers will be allowed to fish the tournament.
Team members must fish together on a registered tournament boat throughout the tournament.
No boat is permitted to carry anyone else apart from a registered angler, skipper, or deck-hand during the tournament.
No local boats and owners who are not members of SIGFA may fish the tournament.
SIGFA Tournament Committee may allow reporters and / or media personnel on any tournament boat to allow for media coverage of the event.

Contest Fees
For anglers the contest fee for the open tournament is $500.00
For supporters the fee is $150.00
For Skippers and Deck-hands, the fee is $200.00
For the ladies tournament the fee is $200.00
All fees are in Samoan currency.

Official Fishing Times
A shotgun start will start the tournament on the first day. All boats are requested to assemble at the main Apia Harbour area to await the start.
Except for the first day of the tournament, all fishing will start at 5:00 a.m. and finish at 5:00 p.m. each day

Fishing Area
The fishing area for the tournament will be within the areas of Upolu and Savaii.
The fishing of all areas within that area is permitted.
All boats must start and finish at Apia for each day of the tournament.

Fishing Rules
The tournament will be fished in accordance with IGFA rules, and SIGFA tournament rules
It is the responsibility of the anglers, skippers and deck-hands to be familiar with both sets of rules.
In the event that these rules clash, the SIGFA tournament rules will prevail
Boats must not be anchored while fishing. Nor should they be tied to any man-made structure in the sea while fishing.
All lines must be IGFA class and up to a maximum of 37kg

Each fish weighed must be a tournament species and must meet the minimum required weight for that species. Points are awarded at one point per kilogram of fish weighed irrespective of line weight.
Tagged and released fish will also score points as covered elsewhere in these rules.
Each angler’s points will be collated for team points.
The team that scores the most points will win the tournament.

Fish Species
The following species will be fished for the tournament:
Blue marlin, Black marlin, Striped marlin,
Yellow fin tuna
Masimasi (mahi-mahi)
Giant trevally
Dogtooth tuna
Provision is made for barracuda and Spanish mackerel to be included for special prizes dependent on sponsorship interest. Weight of either of these 2 species will not be included in team total weight.


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