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Fuipisia Waterfall on Upolu, Samoa overlay
Fuipisia Waterfall, Upolu

Adventure Activities

Our small Pacific nation is full of natural beauty and incredible untouched landscapes, with true adventure never too far off the beaten track.

Samoa is the perfect tropical holiday destination, well-known as the place to go for plenty of spoils and laid-back relaxation. But with its wild jungle trails, inland waterholes and waterfalls, dramatic mountainous interiors, and lagoons teeming with marine life, Samoa offers a wealth of exciting activities for adventurous travellers.

Getting close to nature will nearly always be a part of everything you do in Samoa. Think snorkelling, diving, and surfing – through to the breathtakingly impressive Saleaula Lava Field and powerful Alofaaga Blow Holes. 

If an active holiday is your thing, whet your appetite with these quintessentially Samoan activities that cater to the adventurous spirit.




On Your Bike



Samoa is full of natural beauty and barely touched landscapes, which means true adventure is never too far off the beaten track. If tracks are your thing, there are cycling routes for every level of fitness in Samoa. 

You could cycle from one beachside fale to another taking in everyday Samoan life along the way, stopping at fruit stalls, local eateries, and swimming holes. Samoa’s main roads are generally sealed, but there will be patched-up areas and potholes to be aware of. There are also single tracks for mountain biking if you want something more challenging which pass through forests and even over lava tube caves.

You can choose to hire a bike and go it alone or go with a guide who will direct you towards the highlights. To make life easier, you might even decide to arrange a vehicle to take your gear to your next accommodation while you travel freely (and more lightly) on two wheels.


Surfs Up



Samoa has world-class surfing conditions minus the crowds. Savai’i’s most well-known areas are Lano and Aganoa Beach, and on Upolu it’s from Apia east to Cape Utumauu on the north shore and from Matautu to Matatufu on the south side. There are more than 30 world-class surf breaks in Samoa and what’s even better is that many resorts also run ‘surfari’ group expeditions.

Before hitting the waves, it’s best to get advice from the locals that understand the nature of the local breaks. And a word to the beginner (or even more experienced) riders – many of the waves break directly onto reefs and the currents can be harsh, so avoid surfing alone. 

The southern shores of both islands are great all year round, while the northern shores are best in the southern hemisphere summer/northern hemisphere winter.


(Do Go) Chasing Waterfalls



Samoa is famous for its waterfalls which are often created by the green mountainous landscapes formed by ancient volcanoes. Especially in Samoa’s island interiors, waterfalls cascade and splash into rivers, eventually winding their way to the ocean. 

Some waterfalls should only be viewed from afar (it's always best to check before you dive in) but others have great swimming areas, complete with picnic spots, so you can experience them up close. Favourites include: 

        • Togitogiga Waterfall – these falls tumble into multiple pools at this stunning site, so you can take your pick for that cooling swim.
        • Sopoaga Waterfall – a majestic waterfall that’s located in the bustling Lotofaga Village.
        • Papapapaitai Falls - a 100m waterfall that’s said to be one of the tallest on Upolu.
        • Fuipisia Falls – these flat cliff tops are a perfect place to stop, take a rest, take in the view, and enjoy the cooler air above the canopy.
        • Afu Aau Falls/Olemoe Falls – framed by an idyllic plunge pool perfect for swimming on the southern coast of Savai’i.
        • Falefa Falls - smaller than many of the other waterfalls but well worth a walk around to take in the stunning views.
        • Sauniatu Waterfall - another hidden gem, not far from Falefa Falls.
        • Mu Pagoa Waterfall - dropping straight into the ocean below, you won’t find another waterfall like it in Samoa. In fact, there is only a handful around the world like it.



Samoa is often hailed as one of the top game fishing spots in the world - the masi masi or mahi mahi, tuna, sailfish and other common species are enormous, and anglers’ dreams definitely come true in Samoa. 

Even better, these huge, beautiful fish are around all year - rainy season or dry - and you can fish from both boat or land. If you haven’t got your own gear, another option is to take a charter with experts who know the most magical spots. Or, if you want a truly authentic fishing experience, join a local fishing crew and learn how to properly pull the catch of the day.



Samoa is a walker’s paradise and even though temperatures are warm, you can often find the highlands are the coolest place to be, perfectly shaded by native foliage. There’s everything on offer from an intrepid multi-day hike to Samoa’s largest volcano, to family-friendly tracks which are walkable in under 2 hours. Some of the best hikes include:

        • Falealupo Canopy Walkway is a great way to feel like you’re walking up in the treetops.
        • Mt Fiamoe is a 938m-high volcanic peak accessible via a 1.5km trail, affording hikers views over the north and south coasts of Upolu.
        • Tafua Crater offers an easy-moderate 1-2 hour walk that takes you to Mt Vaea and local legend Robert Louis’ Stevenson’s tomb.
        • Falease’ela River Walk or Mt Matavanu is the perfect half-day adventure for the active hiker at heart.
        • Mt Silisili is for the keen, experienced hikers. The walk takes in some breathtaking scenery and requires 2-3 days of time – which will be well spent.

These are just some of the many amazing adventure options to fill your time in Samoa. Find out what discoveries your Samoan holiday could hold for you, and let the adventure begin.

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