Female surfer looks on as her son has fun making new friends at the beach while on holiday in Samoa
Matareva Beach, Upolu

Family Holidays in Samoa

Travelling with kids in Samoa can be incredibly fun and rewarding.

When deciding on a destination for a holiday, many parents look for somewhere they can reconnect and spend time as a family unit, away from the shackles of our fast-paced technology-dominated world. Enter Samoa, where family and connection are at the heart of the culture and where this filters into every part of life. Add to that beautiful beaches, stunning waterfalls and wild scenery and you've got a holiday kids will talk about for years to come.

Whether you’re searching for a family adventure, are looking for quality time together or just want to enjoy relaxing on a tropical beach while the children have a variety of things to keep entertained with, Samoa has options to suit all families. 

With a huge range of accommodation across Upolu and Savai’i islands, activities for all ages, and the chance to experience Samoa’s vibrant culture in a safe, welcoming environment, the hardest part will be choosing what to do this time and what to leave for the next trip.

Experience a new culture

There are so many great reasons to choose Samoa for your family break. One of the main ones is that it gives kids a chance to really experience a different culture, without it being in any way intimidating. Samoan life hasn’t changed a lot in 3000 years and Fa’a Samoa – the Samoan way - is still how things are done. Your family, too, will be greeted with warm and friendly smiles in this Polynesian paradise. And it’s possible that the local children will befriend your children and give them a real glimpse of life in Samoa.

Life is centred around a sense of belonging - belonging to your family, village, tribe and community. As a visitor, your children will be welcomed into this with open arms and get a chance to see how other kids their ages live - understanding both the similarities and differences. In Samoa you’re not an outside observer of pacific culture, you’re right inside it. While the resorts are gorgeous for convenience and comfort, your family might also want to spend a night in a traditional beachside Samoan fale, where you’ll be cooked for by a local family and sleep as they do, in simple structures, with lapping waves as your lullaby. Explore lush forest trails to discover secluded waterfalls, dive into crystal clear waterholes, swim with turtles, or dance with the locals and learn to open a coconut

A safe, fun, easy holiday

On the practical side, Samoa is perfect for families too. Swimming beaches are safe, people are friendly, finding family accommodation is easy, it’s simple to navigate in a rental car, and there are plenty of food options to cater to even the fussiest little people. Many resorts have activities for children and some have kids’ clubs too. And there’s definitely no chance of running out of things to do: explore lush forests, secluded waterfalls, crystal clear waterholes, swim with turtles, snorkel amidst thousands of brightly coloured fish, kayak, cycle, discover lava tubes and spend time with each other discovering this vibrant, friendly culture. It’s the ultimate unplug.

Getting around

Hiring a car is definitely the way to go - dump all the gear in the boot, strap in the kids, and hit the road. If you like to go up all the side roads, or just be more comfortable on the sometimes-uneven terrain, then consider hiring a 4WD vehicle. If your group is large, vans are around the same price as a 4WD vehicle. You can also drive the car onto the ferry between Upolu and Savai’i so you can explore both of Samoa’s gorgeous main islands. While all of the pacific islands provide family fun, Samoa is definitely the way to go if you want to unwind and embrace a slower pace that revolves around natural beauty, a sense of family and plenty of smiles and laughter.

Resort holiday

At Samoa’s family-friendly resorts and hotels, convenience is key and there is plenty to keep the kids occupied for hours.

Enjoy snorkelling and kayaking, dive into the pool, join in the dancing at fiafia night or simply relax under a palm tree with a cocktail while the children build sandcastles on a picturesque tropical beach.

Adventure holiday

For the more intrepid family travellers keen to explore the natural wonders of these Polynesian islands, there are car, bicycle and boat tour options, game fishing charters and cultural experiences including games for children.

Or rent a car or bike and head out as a family to discover natural waterfall slides, lava tubes and incredible views.

With plenty for every family member, each of you is sure to take away memories to last for a lifetime.

Tips and tricks

Read up on our tips for a beautiful family holiday in Samoa.

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