Family with surfboards at a Samoan beach
Matareva Beach, Upolu

Family Activities

Discover our family-friendly suggestions for Upolu and Savai’i

Samoa is a wonderful destination for a family holiday and whether you visit Upolu or Savai’i (or both), you’ll find plenty of things your kids will love doing. This is a place to kick back, decompress and enjoy each other's company in one of the most beautiful beach settings in the South Pacific.




Samoa Cultural Village

It’s important that children understand local culture when they go on holiday, and the Samoa Culture Village in Apia is the perfect place for this. The whole family can observe tapa making, traditional tattooing, carving cultural artefacts or Umu preparation (earth oven) in an interactive environment.

Piula Cave Pool

This is a beautiful crystal clear freshwater spring pool and cave that originated from an old lava tube. On a hot day the cool, freshness can’t be beaten for relaxing kids. Take a picnic and make a day of it.

Namu’a Island Day Trip

Spend a day on Namu’a Island, one of four small picturesque islands situated off the south-eastern tip of Upolu. It’s only a 5-10 minute boat trip from the main island. The family can swim with turtles and relax in day fales before taking the boat back at the end of the day.

Fiafia Nights

You’ll see lots of signs everywhere for Fiafia nights, and definitely don't leave Samoa without experiencing one at a local resort or hotel. See traditional dancing as it’s been performed for more that 3000 years (and have a go yourself) and eat from a buffet feast with many of the dishes cooked in an Umu - or earth oven - using hot volcanic rocks.

Swimming and snorkelling

Of course most families come to Samoa to swim and snorkel every day: Saleapaga, Salamumu, Lalomanu, Matareva and Tafatafa are all popular options on Upolu.




Afu Aau waterfalls

Also known as Olemoe Falls, this spectacular cascade of water plunges from the rainforest deep into a fresh-water swimming pool. It eventually flows into three other smaller separate falls resulting in a paradise for kids and adults alike. If you have teens, they are going to love the Insta pics from this one.

Lava fields

Samoa’s volcanic past is fascinating. Take the family to Saleaula Lava Fields where you’ll see how molten lava from the 1905-1911 Mt Matavanu eruption buried five villages in its path. You’ll see the remains of half buried churches, imprints of trees and a virgin grave in this amazing geological wonder. It’s really interesting to research it all together before you go, so kids understand the magnitude of this natural disaster.

Alofaaga Blowholes

Everyone will love these impressive blowholes in the village of Taga on south-west Savai'i as they push ferocious jets of water 30 metres skyward - even better when locals throw coconuts into the holes, so they are hilariously ejected.

Falealupo Canopy Walkway

The Falealupo Rainforest Preserve in the northwest of Savai'i is gorgeous, and children will love the canopy walkway built around 40 metres above the ground. Crossing a hanging across a 30 metre gap is a thrill they can tell all their friends about when they get home.

Swimming and snorkeling

Savai’i has plenty of stunning spots for swimming and snorkelling, and kids can explore a new white-sand-blue-ocean paradise every day. Lano, Manase, Asau, Vaisala, Faleaupo and Satuiatua are all very popular.

Take a bus

Riding a local bus is an experience no family should miss (or any visitor to Samoa really), these colourful vehicles often run on island time but are a great way to get around and chat with locals.

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