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Visitors learn about Samoan fresh fruits at the Fugalei Fresh Produce Market in Apia overlay
Fugalei Fresh Produce Market (Maketi Fou)

Markets to Visit

One of the best ways to enjoy Samoan food is to immerse yourself in normal daily life by visiting the colourful local food markets.

On Upolu, Samoan’s capital Apia has a daily fish market, best visited before 11am, where you’ll find freshly caught tuna, octopus and many more delights from the sea.

The Fugalei fresh produce market, also in Apia, has a great selection of fresh local fruit and vegetables and also offers traditional Samoan cooked dishes and sweets. Try some of the exotic tropical fruit, an icy cold drinking coconut (nui) or the local chocolate drink, koko Samoa.

On Savai’i, head to the Salelologa market for its selection of fresh produce and to sample traditional meals.

Apia Fish Market

At the outdoor Apia Fish Market (located next to the Old Flea Market on Fugalei Street) the daily catch, brought in fresh from the sea by local fishermen, is available from the early morning.

The most popular day to visit is on Sunday - umu day. The market has a huge variety of seafood, from yellow-fin tuna to crabs, crayfish, octopus and masimasi.

Open 5.30am to 11am daily.

Fugalei Fresh Produce Market (Maketi Fou)

Located between Fugalei and Saleufi streets in Apia, the Fugalei Fresh Produce Market is also called the Maketi Fou. It has a huge variety of fresh tropical fruits and vegetables, sold by local families. You’ll find everything from bananas to coconuts and taro, as well as cooked Samoan food and icy cold nui (drinking coconut) to sip while you explore.

The market is open daily.

Organic Night Market

This monthly night market is held from 4pm to 8pm, usually on the Samoa Tourism Fale and Cultural Village grounds in Apia.

The market, which supports local organic growers and producers, also sells some cooked food and smoked fish. It is normally on a Wednesday near the end of each month. Information on the next market and its location can be found on Facebook.

Savalalo Flea Market

Located on Beach Road in Apia, the Savalolo Flea Market itself doesn't sell food, but the area behind has stalls selling deep-fried snacks.

Salelologa Market, Savai'i

Located near the main Salelologa wharf and by the Savai'i bus terminal, the market sells fresh fruit and vegetables and baked goods alongside other wares such as crafts, gifts, clothes and household items.

The market is open Monday to Saturday from 7am.