Freshly harvested Samoan cocoa beans, ready for processing.
Freshly harvested Samoan cocoa beans at Va'ai Plantations in Savai'i


Samoa’s countryside is dotted with plantations, which make the most of the flat-rolling, fertile volcanic soils near the coast by growing delicious tropical fruit and vegetables. 

Produce from these plantations include Samoan Koko (cocoa beans), bananas, taro, coconuts, breadfruit, sugarcane, yams and cassava.

Some plantations are large and employ a number of local people, while others have been planted to feed adjoining villages. Samoa exports some of its produce - over 15% of Samoa’s total exports are made up of vegetable, fruit and nut products.

Within Samoa, crops are sold at markets, retail outlets or just a humble roadside stall. Buying from these means you are not only getting produce that is locally grown and deliciously fresh, but that you are supporting one or more Samoan families.

From Plantation to Plate

Samoa grows an abundance of tropical fruits and vegetables on plantations, and these flavours of the Pacific abound in many dishes in cafes and restaurants.

Local crops include coconuts, bananas, cocoa, taro, breadfruit, sugarcane, yams, pineapple, cassava, papaya and sweet potatoes, among others. Some plantations are owned by families while others are on a larger scale.

To trace your dinner’s journey from plantation to plate, join a guided tour that includes a plantation visit. Experience traditional food gathering and production, harvest and husk a coconut, and get a taste - quite literally - for Samoan local produce, straight from the source.

If you like to eat like the locals, then trying BBQ from one of the many roadside stalls is for you.

To visit a plantation in Samoa, plan and book a tour to experience traditional food gathering, learn about modern food production and of course taste the delicious produce, fresh from the source. 

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