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Sinalei Resort, Upolu

Experiences for Mature Travellers

Samoa is the perfect destination for those travelling later in life

The best thing about not working anymore is the freedom to do what you want, when you want. There are so many options in our beautiful islands for those taking the opportunity in their later years to travel - be it a rustic fale adventure, or a stay in the lap of modern pacific comfort and luxury. The choice is yours and the possibilities are truly endless.

One option is a holiday based entirely on relaxation - cocktails by the pool, stunning high end cuisine, lots of easy walks on the beach, massages and plenty of time to read those books you wanted to catch up on. If you need to decompress from life back home, Samoa does comfort - and luxury - very well.


But if you can’t think of anything worse than sitting around, there are so many more active options too. Samoa is a paradise for those who love to fish (think wahoo, tuna, mahi mahi and hundreds of other species); play golf - there’s an 18 hole course on Upolu; or explore - there’s a wealth of fascinating geological history; and of course swim and snorkel.

And if food is your thing, Samoa has you covered. From first class restaurants dishing up high end fusion cuisine, to local village food cooked underground in an Umu, you definitely won’t go hungry. The markets also provide a riot of colour, smells and flavours, fascinating for anyone with a culinary interest. Some hotels do cooking courses and many will have a fiafia night where you can taste traditional food and watch stunning local dancing.


One of the best things about Samoa is the ease with which you can immerse yourself in local culture. Riding the buses is a joyous experience that will put you right in the heart of everyday life, and a stay in a beach fale owned by a village often means the family will often cook for you and welcome you into their fold - so you can really understand how people live rather than just getting the outsider tourist view.

And Samoa is so friendly and safe - so whether you’re a couple looking for some time together, or on your own and wanting to meet others in the same position, you’ll be catered to. Samoans are known for their smiles and if you show even the slightest hint of interest you’ll find yourself right in the heart of the village before you know it - sharing food, stories and if you’re lucky, even the local gossip.

Samoa is the perfect destination at any age. Safe, good value, easy to navigate - and with any level of luxury you are looking for - you are guaranteed a warm, wonderful South Pacific holiday.

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