Fuipisia Waterfall on Upolu, Samoa
Fuipisia Waterfall, Upolu


From waterfalls thundering down off towering cliffs to more sedate cascades of water over smooth rock, there are plenty to explore.

Samoa’s mountainous landscape has created many beautiful and spectacular waterfalls that are fed each year during the wet season. 


Upolu’s south coast has the country’s best collection of spectacular falls that are easily accessible to visitors.

Take half a day, or more, and see each one. Some, like Togitogiga Falls, have swimming holes and also a changing room and toilets. Others, like the 100m high Papapapai-Tai Falls are strictly for looking only. 

Fuipisia Falls at the east end of Upolu offers a bush walk, a pool at the top of the waterfall to bathe in, and a spectacular 55m drop of water.


On Savai’i, the southern coast has the most waterfalls too. One of the most popular is the Afu Aau Falls, which emerges from lush green rainforest and plunges into a deep pool which is safe for swimming.

At the Mu Pagoa Falls, a shallower pool formed where Samoa’s largest river flows to the sea, and is is used by visitors and locals alike.

Fuipisia Falls

Fuipisia Falls is a spectacular 55m high jungle waterfall.

Sopoaga Waterfall

The powerful Sopoaga Falls are found at Lotofaga village.

Togitogiga Waterfall

Swimming holes separate these cascading waterfalls, surrounded by lush tropical gardens.

Papapapaitai (Tiavi) Falls

A vantage point just off the Cross Island Road offers a spectacular view of the Papapapaitai (Tiavi) Falls.

Afu Aau Falls/Olemoe Falls

This spectacular waterfall in south-eastern Savai'i plunges from the rainforest deep into a freshwater swimming pool.

Mu Pagoa Waterfall

A vast open river flow stretches from underneath the Puleia bridge towards the sea.

Falease'ela River Walk (Samoa Waterfall Cascades)

Lalotalie Waterfall Hike (Falease'ela River Walk - Liua le Vai o Sina River). For a unique blend of outdoor adventure and cultural activities visit Lalotalie ..

Sauniatu Waterfall

Sauniatu Waterfall and Scenic Drive is a 7km drive inland from the Main East Coast Road and turn off at Saoluafata Village.

Falefa Falls

Falefa Falls is a short walk through a lovely garden to the river’s edge offering views of the cascading Falefa waterfall.