Woman reading book in beach fale at Matareva Beach Fales on Upolu, Samoa
Matareva Beach Fales, Upolu

Samoa on a Budget

have the best view in the Pacific for the lowest price, with a budget holiday in Samoa.

Enjoying Samoa’s rich, authentic Polynesian culture and balmy Pacific tropical island climate and stunning beauty is easy when you’re travelling on a budget.

Accommodation options at a low price include beach fales through to comfortable budget-friendly hotel rooms in handy central locations.

Accommodation and food

Beachside fales (traditional open sided huts) are available across Samoa at very affordable rates, which often include breakfast and dinner. Lunch can be found by ordering off the snack menu at some fales and most resorts, or try out local cuisine at roadside stalls, markets or shops.

Fresh food is plentiful and affordable in Samoa. Buy fruit, vegetables and meat or cooked meals at the local market and cafes, and pick up fresh produce and snacks at roadside stalls and dairies.


Catch a bus if you have plenty of time or use the many low-price taxis to get there more quickly. If your schedule allows, renting a bike may be a great way to see a lot of Samoa, while spending little.

If you're hoping for an authentic Samoan cultural experience, look no further than a local village, where life is lived according to 3,000-year-old traditions. Before entering, be sure to ask what the protocol is and observe it. 

Samoa’s many natural attractions, such as beaches, freshwater pools and waterfalls, cost only what the local villagers charge you to enter.

Are you planning to snorkel in one of Samoa’s many lagoons? Save money by bringing your own gear. Remember to be prepared to pay a villager to access the beach.

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