31 January, 2009     

Part of Europe sails to Samoa

MS Europa Cruise ship bringing a bit of Europe to Samoa.

A bit of Europe is coming to Samoa in the form of European tourists that will be arriving tomorrow to soak up sun, sand and scenery as part of their PacificIsland tour aboard the MS Europa 902 cruise ship.


The MS Europa Cruise Vessel will be bringing to our shores from the 30-31st January, a total of 352 passengers, with the majority (total of 283) of the travelers from Germany.  Also onboard the vessel, are 280 crew members.


The MS Europa Cruise Vessel is said to be the ‘most beautiful yacht’ with a passenger capacity of 408 maximum.  It has 7 passenger decks, more than 300 suites, a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars and shopping outlets onboard. 


The cruise tour which started in Papeete, French Polynesia, through to the Cook Islands and Niue, makes a stop in Samoa with a shore excursion on Upolu as well as Savaii.  The vessel will first call into the Port of Apia tomorrow at midday before heading to Fagamalo, Savaii on Saturday morning. From there, it will continue on to Tonga, Fiji and New Caledonia before it concludes in Australia.


The Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) is working together with the Samoa Ports Authority, Transam Shipping Agents to ensure that the tourists enjoy their brief visit of our islands.  The CCCS Falefa Youth Dance Group will provide entertainment at the ApiaPort and STA will provide its normal information service.


  15 January, 2009     

2009 Cruise Ship Visits to Samoa begin

Lifes Small Pleasure...Cruise West Spirit Of Oceanus(http://www.theage.com.au/news/cruising/smaller-is-better/2008/08/20/1218911798047.html)

Cruise ship visits to Samoa begin this Saturday 17th January 09 with the arrival of the Spirit of Oceanus vessel, bringing with it forty one (41) passengers from around the Northern Hemisphere.


This cruise visit is the first of other cruise ship visits to Samoa which are a significant feature on the tourism industry’s calendar for this year.


The Spirit of Oceanus will first dock at the Port of Salelologa in Savaii at 7.00 in the morning and scheduled to depart at 1.00 in the afternoon where it will continue its journey to the Port of Apia, where it will stay overnight before heading out Sunday morning.


Samoa Tourism Authority in collaboration with Pacific Forum Line, Polynesian Xplorer and the Samoa Ports Authority is making available entertainment as well as an information booth on the dock for the cruise tourists.


The next cruise ship is expected to arrive at the end of the month


Source: STA

Image: http://www.theage.com.au/news/cruising/smaller-is-better/2008/08/20/1218911798047.html

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