30 July, 2010     

Gearing up for Teuila Festival 2010

The month of August will be one of great preparations for the Samoa Tourism Authority (with the support of other Ministries/Bodies) as it gears up for the upcoming 19th Annual Teuila Festival 2010 that will take place from the 05-10th September 2010.

The Teuila Festival for this year promises to have the usual favorites as well as exciting extra activities throughout the week such as the Gospel/Choir singing on the day of the Official Opening; a carving competition and Expressive Arts Display; a Wellness to Beauty program in collaboration; Traditional Games; Cultural Entertainment and Competitions; Umu Demonstration; Sulatoga Competition; Fire Knife Dance (Ailao Afi) Competitions for both the Junior and Senior Levels; Variety Shows; Folafolaava Competition; and Long Boat (Fautasi) Races to name a few.
The Teuila Finale will undoubtedly be the Miss Samoa Pageant 2010.

Registration of teams and individuals wishing to take part in the Teuila festivities and competitions are being accepted with guidelines and regulations in place for the different activities.

The Screening of the hopeful Miss Samoa 2010 Contestants took place this week.

  30 July, 2010     

Samoa will be Leading Attraction at World Expo on 01 August

The Samoa Team in Shanghai and the delegation from Samoa being led by the Hon. Prime Minister Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi to the Expo 2010 are set to ensure that Samoa’s National Day will be an exciting and memorable event.  The Samoa National Day will take place on 01st August 2010.

The Samoa National Day activities will begin with the raising of the Samoa Flag to the singing of the National Anthem.

Performances and activities throughout the day will include cultural dances, arts and handicraft displays and tattooing, carving and weaving demonstrations.
This event is expected to be attended by thousands of viewers.

  30 July, 2010     


Today marks the final day of the joint efforts by a group of New Zealand veterinarians brought in Animal Protection Society to assist their attempts in collaboration with the Samoa Tourism Authority to control the problem of stray dogs.

The vets together with the help of STA’s team and members of the Police Force spent the whole month of July capturing and putting down stray dogs and de-sexing and providing medical attention to family cats and dogs.

This vigilant team of workers carried out clinics and dog capturing throughout the town area from Vaiala to Mulinuu (05-09 July 2010); in Tufuiopa to Fagalii (12-16 July) and Maagiagi and Lalomanu, Aleipata from the 19-23 July.  The team then headed to Savaii this week to carry out the same program.

The specialist team also held popular animal desexing clinics in the said villages allowing pet owners the opportunity to bring in their pet dogs and cats to be sterilized free of charge.

  28 July, 2010     

The 2010 Samoa International Jazz and Blues Festival (12-14 November 2010)

The beautiful Island nation of Samoa will be the backdrop to this world class Jazz, Blues and Soul music festival over three days in November.  The shows will be performed over a number of venues
The artists performing at the festival will include musicians from New Zealand, Australia, England, and the United States and of course from Samoa itself.
International artists on the bill this year are renowned musicians, Robbie Macgregor  (San Fran Blues Guitar star), Billy TK Jnr (Kiwi guitar hero), Tony Painting (UK blues guitarist), Phil Broadhurst (Internationally renown Jazz pianist), LA crooner, Diana Harris and Australian  guitar legend Ian Moss just to name a few.  Twenty bands will perform over the three day festival!!
The Minister of Samoa Tourism Honorable: Misa Telefoni comments, “This event is a first for Samoa and we are proud to welcome world class musicians and guests to our island paradise for the festival.”  Major sponsors for this prestigious event are the Samoa Tourism Authority and Polynesian Blue Airlines.
Festival Director Billy Te Kahika also comments, “Samoa is the perfect place to hold a festival like this and I am excited about the musicians coming and the beautiful destination that will host our festival guests - its an amazing project!”
Tickets to the 2010 Samoa International Jazz and Blues Festival are just $120 NZD or $100 AUD.  This gives you access to the festival for the whole three days!

SOURCE: E-Travel Blackboard
  28 July, 2010     

Kaiti kids live a dream to see Samoan sights

A KAITI School contingent has returned home from Samoa, sunned and “buzzing” over the Pacific Island cultural experience.

Teacher Viki Lee said “dreams do come true” if you want something badly enough and the Kaiti School Samoa group proved this by raising $30,000 in 12 months for their trip.

“Seeing the faces of the children light up when taking off in the plane was just priceless. For some children this was the first time any of the children had ever been on a plane.

“I am hopeful this will be the first of many wonderful overseas adventures for them all.”

While the group basked in the sun, swam with turtles and slid down amazing rockslides during the holiday, loved ones left at home in Gisborne sat huddled near their heaters keeping a wary eye on the wet weather and flood warnings.

“Oh to be back in the sun. It was a glorious 29 degrees all week. We couldn’t have picked a better time to get away from the pouring rain in Gisborne,” said Ms Lee.

A highlight for the children involved a friendly soccer game in the warm tropical rain with Lalomanu School.

Kaiti School gathered together and sent over hundreds of canned food items to these Samoan children who almost a year ago were coming to grips with tsunami devastation.

“It was a great way to show how our little bit of aid helped support the children they met and played with.”

Other good times included visiting the markets, sleeping in open fale (a thatched hut), taking part in Siva (a traditional dance) and a ride on the old-fashioned wood-interior buses with no windows.

“Many of the tourists commented on just how well our children were behaved. Our tamariki made us very proud. Our parent helpers said they would take them anywhere, as they were just perfect.”

Ms Lee said the children’s eyes were opened to a new world and they were appreciative of everything they saw, smelt and touched.

“The trip gave our children an opportunity to put key competencies into action in real-life situations, including self-management and relating to others in a new environment.

Ms Lee said the trip would have only been a pipe-dream if it were not for the support of the school’s whanau and the wider community.

SOURCE - Gisborne Herald Online


  15 July, 2010     

Misa Wants Visitors to Pick Samoa First

Tourism Minister, Honourable Misa Telefoni wants visitors to pick Samoa as their first choice.
Not because of problems in Fiji.

“Samoa’s marketing is focussed highlighting Samoa’s natural beauty, our unspoilt culture, and the generous and welcoming spirit of our people,” said Misa Telefoni. “Our product is unique,” said Misa.  “We prefer our visitors choose Samoa because they really desire to experience our unique beauty, ambience, environment and culture - not because of our neighbours’ problems or expensive charges!” he said.

“Great new properties have opened up lately, such as Tanoa Tusitala, Moanalisa Hotel and others - and our properties and services are improving all the time.”

Misa’s comments came after a New Zealand Herald story in the weekend.  It warned Samoa and Cook Islands could benefit because of overcharging of visitors and lack of spending on infrastructure in Fiji.

In the meantime coups have not removed Fiji as the favourite island escape of Aussies and Kiwis, the newspaper said.

Source: Samoa Obserever



  09 July, 2010     

Samoa sports visitors' numbers tee off to good start

The number of visitors travelling to Samoa for sports events may still be small but it is slowly making a significant contribution to the total number of visitor arrivals to Samoa .

In the first half of this year, Samoa has seen a number of foreigners travel here to witness or participate in various sporting events at the international level, with the likes of rugby, tennis, netball and swimming to name a few.

This week, Samoa hosts the 2010 SIFA Samoa Masters International Golf Tournament at the Le Penina Golf Course from the 07-10th July 2010.  This event is estimated to bring in more than 30 international golfers alone from around the Australasia region, not taking into account those that will be travelling to Samoa just to watch the tournament that is currently in progress.    

Such sporting events have been the contributing factor to the increase in Samoa’s visitor arrival numbers throughout the past few years for sporting purposes, despite the decline in total number of visitors to Samoa as seen in the first quarter of this year.  The past years from 2007-2009 show an increase in the number of sports visitors from 368-391 individuals and the beginning of this year has shown that the number of sports visitors from January-April of this year has increased in comparison to the same months last year.    

While not major figures, the increase is a supportive indicator to the tourism industry of its efforts to attract more visitors to our shores.     

The Government is encouraging Samoa through its local sporting bodies to continue to host such sporting events with the hopes of not only increasing visitor numbers but also creating more positive publicity for Samoa to the outside world.     

Tourism contributed 30% of Samoa’s total earnings in the past financial year.

  09 July, 2010     

STA lends green fingers to tsunami affected villages

The Samoa Tourism Authority is happily getting its hands dirty to help clean up some of the tsunami affected villages.


Through a joint project with the United Nations Development Program, the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development and the villagers from the targeted villages, STA in the form of its National Beautification Committee team, have made great progress in dressing up the landscape of Mutiatele, Aleipata, one of the villages affected by the tsunami last year.

The village’s roadside yards that were was once barren and stripped of beauty now boast of vibrant and colorful gardens after a strenuous 9 day makeover transformation that was led by NBC’s own garden expert, Su’a Frieda Paul and the energetically physical assistance from STA’s Beautification team.

Today marks the end of the Mutiatele segment of the Project.  From here, the green fingered team will move on to make the same transformation in Malaela.

These efforts are made possible under the UNDP and Government funded Early Recovery Project which aims to provide recovery and long-term development support for communities in line with its priorities now and for the future.

  02 July, 2010     

Putting a Leash on Stray Dog Problem

The Samoa Tourism Authority is joining forces with the Animal Protection Society (APS) and the

Ministry of Police to combat the recurring problem of vicious stray dog attacks.

The most recent complaint through a Letter to the Editor in the recent Sunday Samoan (Observer) by a tourist couple that claimed they were attacked by stray dogs during their visit to Samoa, has prompted STA and its partners to move on creating a necessary solution.

The end result: this month, a group of animal specialists from New Zealand will be joining the efforts by the local authorities to control the dog problem.

These vets will be assisted by members of the said authorities in capturing and putting down stray

dogs that are found around the town area from Vaiala to Mulinuu next week (05-09 July 2010).

This process will then be carried out in Tufuiopa to Fagalii the following week (12-16 July) and Maagiagi and Lalomanu, Aleipata from the 19-23 July. The team will then head to Savaii for the last week of July to carry out this necessary activity.

The specialist team will also be holding animal desexing clinics in the said villages that will coincide with the ongoing dog control project, to allow pet owners the opportunity to bring in their pet dogs and cats to be sterilized free of charge.

  02 July, 2010     

Tanoa Tusitala Hotel Opens its Samoan Doors to the World

The Tanoa Tusitala Hotel opened its doors to Samoa and the world yesterday, 01 st July 2010.

Chairman of the Tanoa Hotel Group, Mr. Y P Reddy shared in the first 2010 Bula Tanoa Newsletter which quite aptly celebrates this momentous occasion, that the ‘1st July will go down in the history books given that on 18th September 2009 we (Tanoa Tusitala) had overcome a large fire which only delayed our work, but your encouragement, support and concerted effort has been an inspiration to me and my family and through your enthusiasm and belief, the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel dream has been realized.’

Though only officially opened yesterday, Tanoa Tusitala has been accommodating guests for more than a week now. The Oceania Swimming Championships resulted in 59 rooms being taken up. Tanoa Tusitala was the proud venue of the welcome cocktails for this event which saw a hundred or so invited guests enjoying the new bar and poolside.

According to the Tanoa Hotel Group website, the Tusitala is presently being completely refurbished to a 4.5 star international standard and will retain a look and feel reflecting key elements of Samoan architecture and culture.

The guest rooms which are 98 in total, will be between 34 sqm - 40 sqm and offer double and split king bed options, with 2 very generous suites to complement the accommodation options. All guest rooms are fully air conditioned and offer an excellent standard of comfort and amenities.

The hotel is ideally suited to meet the needs and expectations of a myriad of different markets and its large conference, display and banqueting facilities make the hotel an ideal venue to host international conferences, product launches, seminars and receptions. It is a perfect 'home away from home' for the discerning business travellers as well as having real appeal to families wishing to visit or holiday in Samoa.

  02 July, 2010     

Samoa Products Gaining Worldwide Interest

The newest features to be on display and for sale at the Samoa Booth, housed in the World Expo 2010’s Pacific Pavillion, include SAMOA Water and Wilex Body Oil.

The Noni Juice supplied by CCK and Nonu Samoa is also available for purchase. The popular CCK Honey has successfully sold out and the Samoa Team is awaiting another supply of Honey and other unique Samoan products expected in the next container from Samoa.


  02 July, 2010     

Tourism Support Program

  02 July, 2010     


  01 July, 2010     

Deputy Prime Minister extends his congratulations to Tanoa Group

Deputy Prime Minister Hon Misa Telefoni extends his congratulations to Tanoa Group, and the Reddy family, on the occasion of the Opening for business of the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel on 1 July 2010.

Special thanks go out to Chairman Mr Y.P. Reddy, Mr Rohit Reddy, Ms Kalpana Reddy, Ms Elizabeth Reddy, and all the staff of the Tanoa Group who played a substantial part in the project to totally renovate the Tusitala Hotel.  This work has greatly enhanced the magnificent location and created a city hotel which retains a resort like atmosphere and ambience.
This represents a major investment in manpower and resources and makes this project a showcase venture to show the world that Samoa provides good fiscal incentives, and a stable political environment.  It is a milestone in terms of the first major substantial foreign investment in tourist accommodation in our country.
The fortitude and resilience of Mr Y.P Reddy in particular was best illustrated in his determination to rebuild Tanoa Tusitala from the ashes of the unfortunate fire that devastated this development at its earliest stages.
Government has supported this venture fully from its inception, and will continue to support the Tanoa Group in all its future investments and projects in Samoa.
May God continue to bless the Tanoa Group, the Reddy family, and all their endevours in all areas of their extensive operations.

Misa Telefoni

  01 July, 2010     

Support Program

  01 July, 2010     


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