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Samoa's shorter 2011

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MasterCard 'Samoa' by McCann Sydney and Prodigy via StopPress

  06 June, 2011     

Creative targets new destinations, gets 'creative'

Monday, 6 June 2011

A competitive market and deal-oriented consumers has seen Creative Holidays get ‘creative’ in presenting product, interacting with agents and developing destination strategies.

With 14,000 products in 58 destinations, Creative Holidays is now looking to the Cook Islands, Samoa and Mauritius, a move spurred by the company’s entry into the New Zealand market, Creative Holidays managing director Paul McGrath said.

According to Mr McGrath, Creative Holiday’s Hawaii and US product is booming, however, other destinations are “okay, but aren’t firing”.

“The market we’re in is very competitive,” he said.

“In any one segment there’s probably five to seven competitors.”

Mr McGrath said that consumers have come to expect deals since the global financial crisis and accordingly this year has been tough.

In response to this, Creative Holidays is making changes, including getting ‘creative’ in the presentation of product.

“We’re trying to put innovation into how to sell product,” Mr McGrath said.

“We’ll also start being creative in the way that we engage and interact with agents.”

Part of these changes to agent interaction will take the form of an agent specific Facebook page, and meetings with the agents directly.

“We’re not reinventing the business but moving the business forward.”

 The Samoa Tourism Authority is working closely with Creative Holidays on a range of joint-marketing initiatives.

Source: e-Travel Blackboard

  01 June, 2011     

Samoa Language Celebrated Internationally

New Zealand has inspired more Samoan communities abroad to run their own events to celebrate the Samoan language this year.

The Human Rights Commission in New Zealand and the Association for the Teaching of Samoan in Aotearoa have partnered with other organisations like churches, schools and libararies to run nationwide events.

A Facebook page set up last year to raise awareness about the language has been successful, with thousands of members signing up.

The Race Relations Commissioner in New Zealand, Joris de Bres, says the latest to join up are communities in the United States, after Australian-based Samoans joined last year.

“Probably the biggest new development this year, has been the introduction of the United States Samoan community, into Samoan language week. And we’ve got a very lively USA Samoan Language Facebook page, and they’ve got like about 25 organisations involved, and things are happening in Hawaii, and throughout California and elsewhere.”

Source: Radio New Zealand International

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