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Five of the best travel deals

By Merecedes Maguire

Five of the best travel deals featured this bonus offer from Samoa's Seabreeze Resort:

Marry for free at the 4.5-star Seabreeze Resort Samoa and save $NZ960 ($A860). The luxury resort is offering couples who stay a minimum of six nights a free wedding ceremony. Also included is Seabreeze choir, a bouquet, minister or celebrant, all fees, licence and administration costs and a wedding planner. Six nights is priced from $NZ2126 a couple and includes return airport transfers and breakfast daily. Valid before March 31 next year and from Nov 1 to Mar 31, 2015.

See seabreezesamoa.com

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11 ideas for cheap holidays that aren't Bali or Thailand

By Julian Swallow

BEEN there, done that ... and back for more.

Most Australians believe Bali and Thailand still offer the top bang-for-buck holidays.

But are they right?

A recent Galaxy survey conducted for Escape asked 1000 Australians which destination they rated as the best value for money. Bali and Thailand were the top picks and Australian holidays were rated a distant third when it came to value for money.

The Bali bias was highest in Western Australia, with 46 per cent of West Aussies naming Bali as their discount destination of choice.

Yet, beyond the traditional trips on the beaten path, it's still possible to find affordable breaks filled with sun, sand and surf.

Escape - together with Flight Centre - has unearthed 11 overseas holiday ideas - all for less than $3000 a person - for 2014 that might convince you to finally try somewhere new.

Where are you going this summer?

1. Samoa
It used to be the last place on Earth to welcome each new day. Now, following a sneaky switch across the international date line in 2011, it is the first country on earth to meet the rising sun. And lots of sun there is too! Even better, if you travel here for New Year you can be the first to ring in 2014, with a cocktail drunk from a coconut shell. If that's not reason enough to venture beyond your Pacific comfort zone, add in beaches, waterfalls, rainforests and the resting place of Robert Louis Stevenson, the author of Treasure Island, and you've got a destination that fascinates with its range of possibilities.

What's the deal?
Return flights and six nights' accommodation at the 3-star Insel Fehmarn Hotel with daily buffet breakfast. From $1035 per person (ex Sydney). Offer valid for sale until November 30, 2013. For travel May 1 - June 25, 2014.

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Family holiday in the South Pacific

For your family holiday, you need to know you're choosing a destination with something for everyone.

The South Pacific islands are abundant with family-friendly holiday options.

Its warm climate, gently lapping lagoons, friendly locals and laidback atmosphere - not to mention its plethora of adventurous activities - mean that your family time in the Pacific will be enjoyable and memorable.

Any Pacific Island nation is geared up for family fun, but here is a taste of what's on offer.

Samoa's lively, colourful and happy culture is perfect for children - filled with infectious laughter, song and dance that's easy to join into. Filled with stunning scenery, there's always plenty to explore.

Cycle together along the smoothly paved roads lined with plenty of fresh water swimming pools, and stop off so you can cool down along the way.

There is little traffic, so the most you'll need to remember is to smile and wave at local villagers as they pass by. Kids will also love an authentic beach fale experience.

Stay in traditional-style beach hut accommodation, propped above the sand on stilts.

Your kids can make their sandcastles right outside. Don't forget swimming with the turtles, or exploring local swimming holes and lagoons.

Learn the local lingo - it's always fun to try and the locals love it! At the very least learn to say hello, please and thank you.

Take Mum and Dad to a traditional local dance and song show and try some local food like taro and breadfruit cooked traditionally in an underground oven.

Go snorkelling and get up close and personal to many friendly, vibrant and tropical fish. If you're old enough you may be able to learn to scuba dive in the resort pool * Visit a local village if you can, to learn how the locals live and play.

Meet up with some of the local kids. Make sure to get their address so that you can write to them when you return home. * Watch the geckos wandering the walls and ceilings of buildings - they're fun to watch and do a great job of keeping the mozzie population down.

Visit the local markets - fun for all ages. You might even get to buy a souvenir here with your pocket money!

How about a day at the beach, swimming, hunting for crabs, building sand castles and flying a kite - cool fun!

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Samoa's natural delights

There's truly nowhere quite like Samoa. From the moment you arrive on this idyllic nation's shores, you will be greeted by smiles and the lively 'Talofa' of locals, who are ready to treat you like a treasured friend.

The colourful culture and welcoming attitude is not all you'll find here - Samoa is packed with natural delights like glistening turquoise lagoons, towering volcanic landscapes, blissful beaches and banyan groves, all of which offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for adventure or relaxation - whichever holiday type suits you.

There are ten islands that make up Samoa, with Upolu (home to Apia, the nation's capital) and Savai'i as the main two. Each island has its own unique flavour and feel - though all are equally delectable.

Unlike some other crowded Pacific destinations, Samoa very much retains its untouched, pastoral atmosphere - which Samoan secret will you uncover?

Visitors to Samoa quickly get used to laughter and grins, thanks to the extremely social culture. Family, friendships and community spirit are the top priority - something reflected in the communal structure of the villages (nu'u).

Churches, houses (fales) and other buildings are brimming with life and an unrivalled togetherness.

The island's abundance of colour is sure to leave an impression. Locals don lavalavas and formal dresses, decorate their homes, buses, fences and even rocks with bold tones.

Another special and important part of Fa'a Samoa - 'the Samoan way' - are the traditions. Check out the song and dance such as the siva afi and taualuga at a unique cultural show for visitors.

You'll leave enchanted by the skill, grace and passion evident in the various dances, ranging from slow and captivating to thrilling and fast.

The fabulous flavour of Samoa is most apparent in its cuisine. Food is all a part of coming together, so you may find yourself invited to a mouth-watering traditional feast called an 'umu'.

Translated to 'earth oven', this ritual gives you an idea of how fresh and homemade the food is - it's cooked outside with hot rocks!

Of course, seafood is a speciality. During the day you might see men out on the rocks catching yellow fin tuna, octopus, lobster and more. Raw fish with coconut cream, bananas and juicy tropical fruits from island plantations round off a perfect meal - but not without an ice cold local Vailima beer!

There's a different type of accommodation to suit every need in Samoa. For one, it's the only place in the Pacific where you can really live like a local in a beach fale amid some million dollar scenery.

That means you get to sleep right on the beach under a thatched roof on wooden posts, and let the gentle lapping of waves lull you to sleep.

Samoa also has multiple luxurious lodgings if you prefer a beachside resort complete with air con. In 2014 there will be a number of new resorts opening for business across Upolu, including the stunning new five star establishment Return To Paradise Resort and Spa.

Nestled in the most spectacular beach in the South Pacific and with Master Chef Simon Gault designing the delectable menu, this resort is definitely worth the wait.

All year round the breeze and ocean are delightfully warm, so you can always soak up the sun on the beach. Head to Satoalepai Village on Savai'i to swim with sea turtles, or set off to Aganoa Beach on the west coast for some of the most epic breaks in the Pacific.

Hiring snorkel gear is a must - beneath the water's surface at almost every beach across the archipelago there's a glittering rainbow of tropical fish to admire.

When you've had enough of the sand and surf, head out for a walk through the rainforest and discover some awe-inspiring caves, pools and waterfalls. You can even hire a car or bike to take in more of the scenery - and find more photo opportunities.

The adventure doesn't stop with Samoa's natural attractions. Come in September and take part in parades and cultural showcasing for the Teuila Festival, the annual celebration of Samoan culture including the crowning of Miss Samoa.

The Alo Paopao Festival, which takes place at the same time, celebrates outrigging and the culture's boating history. Party on a boat, on the beach and on the pub crawl bus as you enjoy the sweet island beats of international and local entertainers.

Spotlight: TATTOO - The Samoan tatau (tattoo) is very unique, with the traditional method of application still intact in order to keep its integrity and traditions alive.

The traditional men's tatau is the Pe'a and the traditional woman's is the malu. The patterns and structure of the Pe'a goes beyond aesthetics - it's a sign of bravery and more importantly a sign of service.

Samoan sleeves and arm band tattoos have really taken off in New Zealand and worldwide, with Samoans displaying pride in their nation as well as sports stars like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Sonny Bill Williams leading the charge.

The intricate cultural motifs typically replicate the family, journey, culture and ancestors of the person being tattooed - works of art that are unique to each individual.

The most comfortable time to travel is May-Oct, during the dry season. This is also the period when major Samoan festivals are held. In Sep there is the Teuila Festival - a week of dance, parades, sporting matches and parties. If you plan your visit around this you'll need to book early.

Book at least 2 months out from your date of travel to avoid disappointment. Note that a large number of Samoans jet in from NZ during the Dec-Jan holiday period, so get in early.

A 3.5 hour flight from Auckland flying Air New Zealand to Apia non-stop five times a week and Virgin Australia also five times a week.

International flights arrive at Faleolo International Airport, 15km west of Apia.

To find out more call 0800 838 747, visit houseoftravel.co.nz or come instore!

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