24 April, 2016

Beautiful Samoa Always Open for Business

RELEASE                                                                                   24th April 2016

Mother Nature’s playground received a spring cleaning over the weekend but the predicted severity of Tropical Cyclone Amos failed to eventuate, with an unexpected thunder storm over Samoa blowing the cyclone out to sea.

The sheer act of serendipity ensured the environmental serenity of Samoa. The weather bureau predicted a strong tropical cyclone, and as the country bunkered down to prepare for the worst, the miracle happened.

“We are proud of the response programs we have set in place for such events, and our properties are all operational with minimal to no damage sustained.  All guests are accounted for. What was predicted to be a cyclone turned out to be nothing more than a summer storm."

“We are a proud and resilient nation, blessed by nature. It’ll take more than just a bit of rain to shut our islands down,” says Samoa Tourism Authority CEO, Sonja Hunter.

Situation update:
•    Business as usual
•    Faleolo International Airport remains open with scheduled flights resuming today
•    Minimal to no damage sustained to hotels and resorts. All major resorts and hotels remain open and operational with all guests accounted for
•    Water and electricity to the main islands are available
•    Communication systems are all operational
•    In parts of the country, water, electricity and communications have remained operational throughout
•    The Land Transport Authority, Samoa Water Authority and Electric Power Corporation repair teams are out in the field repairing whatever damage was sustained and restoring access
•    Road access around the country is possible

Those with bookings to Samoa are advised to contact their travel agent, accommodation provider, tour operator and airline and to maintain their travel plans to Samoa.

“Tourism is the mainstay of the Samoan economy with many families depending on the industry for their livelihoods. We are relying on your continued support,” added Sonja.

For current updates on properties and sites in Beautiful Samoa please visit our feed at http://www.samoa.travel/news/. For more information, contact info@samoa.travel.


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