12 October, 2009

Coconuts Beach Club & Resort Post Tsunami Update

First off, we wish to sincerely thank all of you who have reached out to contact us expressing your concern, your warm wishes, and your prayers for the Coconuts family. The response from past guests of Coconuts has been truly overwhelming, with a tremendous outpouring of support and many offers of assistance. We have always considered our past guests to be the most loyal and devoted of any resort in the world, and the correspondence we have received has certainly proven that.

Many of you have asked how you can help. We are coordinating a plan to help rebuild Coconuts, and how we can help our dear friends in the neighboring villages. We will post more information on that soon.

Communications are still down in our part of Samoa, however I have been in touch daily with our General Manager Lina Bell. Regrettably Coconuts has been struck quite hard and there has been much damage. However, it is possibly not as bad as we initially believed.

As far as damage is concerned, preliminary investigation shows that all of the accommodation units (with the exception of the Over-the-Water Fales that are totally gone) can be put back into service without the necessity of any extensive structural work. All accommodations will require new windows and doors, furniture, lots of clean up - and time. The dining room is still intact, although it will require some structural work, new furniture and refurbishment. Our generator is OK, but will need some work to move it back to the correct position. The Spa is apparently in very good condition and does not require much work at all. The swimming pool is intact, but the sea wall is gone and needs immediate remedial work, which has been initiated. The pool bar will have to be rebuilt, but the fale that contains the pool equipment is in good shape.

We believe the best way for everyone to move on and recover from this tragedy is to keep working, and therefore we have already started the clean up at the Resort. As a result, the Resort will be closed for the next few months. At this time, we are aiming at a re-open date of 1 February 2010, to celebrate with fresh beginnings.

If you are scheduled to stay with us at Coconuts prior to 1 February 2010, please contact your travel agent to make alternate arrangements. Of course, if you would like to reschedule your visit to a date after 1 February, we would be honoured to have you stay with us and join our ever-growing Coconuts family.

We are establishing an office in Apia, which will hopefully be operating soon. However, until further notice please direct all correspondence to your travel agent, or to one of our Representatives listed below.

Australia - Richard Skewes richard@ptm.net.au
New Zealand - Lesley Perrie lesley.perrie@planetmarketing.co.nz
North America - Paul Recmailto:info@creativeresortmarketing.com

Coconuts has always had a very strong association with the local villages, and indeed we are all in this together. We will be doing whatever we can to reach out to the many local Samoans who have been affected by this tragedy. Hopefully with everyone’s support, we can all help our many neighbors, friends and families rebuild their villages, their lives, and their futures.
Having said that, Samoans are resilient people and together we will rebuild Paradise with them. We hope that when we are back up and running, you will celebrate with us. We also hope you will come back to see us again soon, as we will always have a smile for old friends .
Thanking you for all your support and understanding.
Fa’afetai –
Barry & Rose

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