30 July, 2012

Exploring Samoa’s South Side

By Grant Dixon

NZ Fishing News editor Grant Dixon and his wife Faith are heading to Samoa the first week of September (1-8) to do an exploratory fishing trip to Samoa's 'south side'.

This will involve four days fishing - two days popper and jig fishing aboard Greg Hoppings' 35ft Bertram 'Pure Indulgence' and two days gamefishing aboard Chris Donato's 43ft sportfisher 'Southern Destiny'.

These are two of Samoa's top charter boats, with Chris recently catching the country's first 'grander' blue.

Accommodation is at Aggie Grey's Resort, just five minutes from the international airport and close to some great fishing on the southern side of the country.

Grant is looking for four keen anglers to join him on this exploratory trip. Anglers should preferably have some casting and jigging experience, although this is not necessary.

Aggie Greys and the charter operators have come to the party cost wise, recognising that this is the forerunner to a 2013 reader's trip

The cost for the trip - quarter share fishing and twin share accommodation is $2200pp and that includes staying for seven nights.

Airfares are extra, along with meals and refreshments.

Why not take your partner. If you have a non-fishing partner, they are welcome to come along for just $650, plus their airfares, meals etc. Aggie Greys is a great way to relax www.aggiegreys.com and they can enjoy a tropical getaway while you enjoy the fishing.

If this is something that interests you - and it will be on a first in-first served basis, then contact Grant immediately for more information.

Grant.dixon@fishnz.co.nz  or 0274 925533

Source: Fairfax NZ News

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